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A few months ago, I really wanted to get some fried chicken at this newish Thai/southern food fusion place called Kin & Comfort. Long story short, I found out that they only accepted cash, and by the time I came back from an ATM, it was ten minutes before closing and they were too backed up to take my order. Sad times. (Now you can pay with a card inside the market for a $.25 fee.)

Julie texted me yesterday to let me know that Asian Supper Club (an informal group of blogging friends) was meeting there tonight for dinner, so that was exciting. There were seven of us and we covered a pretty good portion of the menu, though I just got photos of what Julie and I ordered.

Son-in-law deviled eggs

I seem to keep hearing about these eggs more than anything else on the menu, so it was a no-brainer to order them. The sauce was sweet and I liked the fennel on top, but they may have been a little over-hyped.

Tom kah shrimp & grits with Virginia country ham.

This was Julie’s, but I had a spoonful of the grits. Next time, I’ll probably order this because whoa. Everyone at the table talked about how good this was even before it came out. I can’t believe that I used to not like coconut.

Krapao pork belly buns with asian pear and cilantro.

Can you believe that I had never had a pork bun before today? It was the best thing ever and I hope that there are many more pork buns for my belly in the future. There was this super crispy piece that may have been a bit burnt, but tasted like candy. Gah.

Home-fried chicken thigh with som tam and fried green tomato.

And yes, I finally got the chicken! If it weren’t for the papaya salad and rice, this could be served at any southern restaurant and everyone would be happy. My favorite part was the fried green tomatoes. They had a flavorful cornmeal breading and I don’t think I’d ever seen them cut into wedges instead of slices. The salad definitely had a powerful kick even with just medium spice.

Definitely looking forward to coming back! They had some great-looking desserts, like chocolate chess pie and a couple flavors of ice cream, but we were all too full.


Kin & Comfort
1700 West Parmer Lane (located inside the Hana World Market food court)
Austin, TX 78727
Wednesday – Monday, 11:00am – 8:00pm (closed Tuesdays)