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Let’s just get this out: poop, Poop, POOOOP.  Everyone poops!

Cake Poopsicle

Have I grossed anyone out yet?  I hope so.

I have been babysitting a lot lately, and after changing MANY a poopy diaper a couple weeks ago, I was struck with a brilliant (IMO) idea.  It seems like everyone and their mom has been obsessed with cake pops for quite some time now, thanks to the oh-so clever and talented Bakerella.  So what happens when you drop an extra O in there?  Cake Poops are born!  Totally inappropriate, I know, but they just so happen to make perfect treats for April Fool’s Day!

cake + frosting

These are made just like cake pops, except the cake is squished around the tops of the sticks instead of being formed into balls first.  My cake/frosting mixture seemed a little too squishy (maybe because I ate some of the cake?), so I added some rice crispies to make it a little more stable.  Bonus poop texture!

makin' poos is fun.

And if you are wondering about the ones coated in crumbs, two words: Litter Critters.  If I had a mold, I would have shaped them into a T-Rex, though I guess they double as whistles if you push the sticks all the way through.

I have to admit that these were also inspired by those kitty litter cakes, which the crazy cat lady in me has always wanted to make…

Cake Poops!

Cake Poops
adapted from Bakerella

The two times I made cake balls, I made a scratch cake, but couldn’t be bothered to do that for poop.  :P  These are a cinch to make if you go the cake mix and canned frosting route like I did, but feel free to go the homemade route.  Make some Thursday night, stick them in the freezer (no need to thaw), then bring them to work on Friday for April Fool’s Day!  Me?  Well, my friend and I made these just for this blog post the heck of it last night.

1 box chocolate cake mix with ingredients required
1 container pre-made frosting (I’d go with chocolate)
optional: rice crispies (I used a little over a cup)

1 12-ounce bag chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate)
optional: light-colored cookies pulsed in a food processor for “litter” (I used Nutter Butters)
lollipop sticks for however many poops you want
styrofoam block(s) for holding the cake poops

Prepare and bake the cake according to the package directions.  Let cool completely.

In a large bowl, completely crumble the cake with your hands.  Add the frosting and incorporate thoroughly.  At this point, I stuck the mixture in the fridge for a few hours to help firm it up while I did other things.

When you’re ready to assemble:  Take a small handful of cake and squish it around the end of a stick, making sure there is a pretty good amount covering the end.  Repeat to make as many as you want, setting them on something you can stick in the freezer (like a cookie sheet).  When finished, freeze them for a little bit to let them firm up.

Put the chocolate chips in a skinny, deep microwave-safe container (like a mug) and microwave in 10 – 20 second increments until mostly melted.  Stir until smooth.  Carefully dip a cake poop in the chocolate.  Gently tap the stick on the lip of the glass so that the excess chocolate drips off and the surface becomes smooth.  If you want to coat some or all in “litter”, at this point lay the cake poop in the crushed cookies, then turn it over to coat the other side.  When finished, stick the cake poop in the styrofoam.  Repeat with the rest of the poops and stick in the freezer.

TIP: I would go with shorter sticks than what we used because then you’d probably be less tempted to make big poops (errr…).  About half of ours were too big and heavy and ended up sliding down the sticks.  haha, ewww.

bird's eye poo

You can really go all out with these.  I thought about cutting up candy corn and pressing the yellow ends into some, or putting candy flies on the top (wait, are these actually a thing?).  Either way, just be ridiculous and have fun.


I have a hunch that these would be super popular at kids’ parties, but maybe not super young ones or else they might think that poop is actually delicious and try their own…  Also, wouldn’t they make great treats for a baby (AKA cute factory o’ poo) shower?  Maybe wrap some up sans stick in some plastic wrap and put in *clean* diapers…

Sorry.  I’ll stop now.