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My name is Jessica. Currently my cat and I reside in Austin, Texas, though we both hail from San Antonio. I play the viola and have a baking habit. This is my blog documenting the latter.

Questions? Email me: jessbakemeaway at gmail dot com

come on, Brutus, do your thang...

There’s bread dough under there.

15 thoughts on “About”

  1. smiley face said:

    i <3 you too

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  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. It seems that you really love to bake cakes! Fantastic blog! Keep it up!

  5. “Procrastibake” — I LOVE it!

    Enjoyed finding your blog this afternoon… I, too, dream of traveling and reminisce about my time in the fair nation of New Zealand… Best wishes to you!

    • Isn’t NZ awesome? I feel like when/if ever I have enough money to travel again, I’ll end up right back there! Really would like to see the rest of the world too, though…

  6. Just saying hi! Just found your blog!

  7. Great photo of you hiking in that glacier! Scary but beautiful! Love your little ‘words’ – procrastibake! Bummed I didn’t think of that one first =) My first visit and i’ll be sure to check back =)

  8. Jessica, I LOVE your blog!!! You are encouraging me to want to “procrastibake” too! Keep up the fabulous (and mouth-watering) work!

  9. smiley face said:

    30000 hits!


  10. I stumbled upon your amazing blog today and had to subscribe! Great ideas and photos! Love it! :)