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Despite having an entirely German side of the family, I had never been to Wurstfest. It’s a ten-day festival in New Braunfels (home of Schlitterbahn) that celebrates the rich German heritage of central Texas…with sausage. I just so happened to have a gig in New Braunfels this weekend, the first weekend of Wurstfest, AND knew some friends who were going to it. Perfect situation!

When Julie and I arrived around 5pm, it was already quite crowded. Many people were dressed up (“So many cute boys in lederhosen!”), which totally made me want a dirndl. Even more were wearing silly hats, and we had to follow suit.

hats: check!

Of course there is plenty of sausage to be had at the sausage fest, but there is also a lot of other food choices, too. Traditionalists can find turkey legs, potato pancakes, and apple danishes, while the more adventurous types might opt for things like sauerkraut nachos and chocolate-dipped pickles (that is, if they’re still available).

I’m just going to go ahead and out myself: I made a bee-line for the sausages. So much for the vegetarian thing, eh? Julie and I also split an onion blossom, which was way too big to finish!


Beer is served in commemorative plastic cups or pitchers, which seems to spawn some sort of competitive hoarding game. As the night wore on, the plastic towers kept growing, some even donning silly hats of their own. My cup tower would have only been two stories tall, but I abandoned the first floor at the foot of the ferris wheel.

stack it

Yes, Wurstfest also has rides because what’s better than getting drunk and full of greasy food, and then getting in a giant, spinning thing with other drunk people? Julie and I were not inebriated when we decided to ride the ferris wheel, which was probably the tamest option available anyway. She had the brilliant idea of doing so while the sun was setting so that we could get some good pictures.


The whole thing wouldn’t be complete without music, so they’ve got a line-up of polka bands the play in the big hall. Dancing isn’t really my thing, but somehow “dancing” in a German fest situation is a lot more appealing because it’s silly and not really about ability, you know? For example, I may have participated in the chicken dance.

Thanks to Mary Helen and her husband for raving about Wurstfest and therefore convincing me to go! I had a great time with Julie (and them!) and hope to be there next year…in a dirndl, ja? 

bokeh dots

120 Landa Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130

November 1-10, 2013
Admission: $10 (free for children 12 and under)