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Deb Perelman (aka the blogger behind Smitten Kitchen) came to BookPeople today in Austin! She did a Q&A and then a signing for her new cookbook. So many books…

The event was scheduled for 7:00pm, but I got there around 5:45pm because Julie had heard that it would probably be packed. She actually got there right before me and snagged a front row center seat! Stalker? Of course I sat next to her.

Deb Perelman/Smitten Kitchen signing at Bookpeople

The room began to fill up, and fill up, and fill up some more. I mean, I knew her blog was super popular, but dang! The number of people present seemed like it probably violated some sort of fire code. It was also interesting to see how her audience compared to Joy’s: definitely a much larger age range and a lot more guys.


Poor Deb had lost her voice the night before, but that didn’t stop her from answering questions. A lot of these had to do with recipes from her blog and book. It almost felt like a live reading of blog comments, with instant answers. I really want to try her lemon bars and hot fudge sauce now!

After the Q&A, it was time for the signing. Julie and I were in group C out of at least five groups, each made up of about 50 people. I’m not sure how one signs that many books!  I had two books: my sister’s and my own.

Jill’s book had actually already been signed…by my three-year-old niece! I decided that Deb needed to see that page since she also has a toddler, and she got a kick out of it. Also, my sister needed a little motivation from Deb.


It’s fun seeing one of your favorite bloggers come to life! Deb is just as she comes across in her blog: sharp, funny, and totally obsessed with what she does. She must also have a hand of steel after tonight!