Tea, pie, pajamas, writing...in bed.

Oh, hi. Remember me? Sorry I spammed your inbox/RSS/etc. for a month. Maybe we all needed a break after that.

Honestly, I kind of miss NaBloPoMo and the forced purpose it gave me as a blogger. I feel like I had been in a blogging funk for the past year, and needed something to shake me out of it. If you find yourself in a similar place, may I recommend doing your own NaBloPoMo? It’s oddly refreshing and exhausting all at once. You learn a lot from it, too.

One of my first realizations was that blogging daily would force me to get out more. One might assume that the opposite would be true, but there are a lot more things going on outside of my house than in it! Sometimes I’ll be on the fence about doing something/going somewhere, but in November, there was no question: “I can blog about it!” The first example: the JBG farm tour. I found out about it the day before and thought it would be fun, but then almost didn’t go. Thinking of it as a freebie blog post led to a last minute mind change, and I’m glad I went!


Hey, Austin, hey.

I seem to be a pretty spontaneous (read: unorganized) person, especially with the blog, but NaBloPoMo forced to plan ahead. For the past couple months, I’ve been making weekly to-do lists, and last month, blog subjects were added to these. (I have never looked forward to Wednesdays so much.) This is a practice that I should definitely keep up, and recommend trying it if you haven’t/don’t do it already.

Related: worried that I’d run out of things to blog about, I came up with a list at the beginning of the month. Not only did I not run out of ideas, I didn’t get through all due to new ones/events cropping up.

While I ended up enjoying the experience, it’s not something I think I could do every month. I had hoped that daily posting would lead me to 1) write more quickly and 2) procrastinate less. Nothing really changed with either aspect, meaning I’d most often start posts late at night and finish in the wee hours of the morning. Yawn…

That said, would I do it again next year? Absolutely. (we shall see…) If you’re a blogger who doesn’t already post daily, you don’t have to wait 11 months to try it on your own!

Nor'easter by the fire pit.

And yes, on November 30th, I had a drink. But then I went home and wrote the last post.