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see what I did there?

There’s this story that I’ve been meaning to tell you, but then it felt like the time had passed. But then when you’re blogging every day for a month, anything becomes game!

Five months ago, I met Joy the Baker. I met Joy the Baker! It’s kind of weird to get excited about meeting someone not even a whole year older than you, but I totally did.

How did this happen? She came to BookPeople for a book signing!


photo by BookPeople

Joy talked a little about her book, and then let us ask questions. I think maybe the first one was, “How do you keep the cat hair out of your photos?” Others wanted to know about dealing with brands, gluten-free baking, boys, and there was that question that always comes up: “How do you stay so thin?”

cat lady

That would be an invisible version of her cat in her hands.

After the Q&A, we all lined up to meet Joy and get our books signed. I had met up with Julie and Kristin, and while in line, we were trying to figure out what to say to Joy. You get this, right? I typically wasn’t too successful with my idea, but it was fine. Joy is a pro with the book signings. She even brought adorable bookmarks for all of us!


Kristin ended up inviting Joy out for drinks after which we all thought would never happen. Well, about an hour after getting to Contigo, guess who showed up and joined our group? Crazy, right?

Joy was just as witty and clever as she is in her blog, and perhaps even cooler in person. She also happens to carry (at least then) the biggest purse. I’m guessing it’s for butter.


Speaking of butter, I needed to make some cookies last week and thought I’d make these from her cookbook. I’ve made brown butter cookies and loved them, but these are in their own class.

That Joy is pretty brilliant, which is quite evident in this recipe. Instead of browning all of the butter, one of the sticks is creamed with the sugar. Molasses was a surprise ingredient, but I think it’s more for depth rather than molasses-y flavor. Chewiness is locked in by taking the cookies out when they’re not quite done and allowing them to sit on the sheet for five minutes.

I’ve found my new favorite cookies! Annnd cookie dough.

cookie dough cloud

I left out the pecans and added some extra chocolate chips in their place (more chocolate never hurts), and froze a third of the dough. My sister said she wanted me to save her some since we’d see each other over the holiday, so it was easy to bake them off amidst the pie frenzy!

brown butter chocolate chip

Anyway, I’ll definitely be making these again, and again, and again…

Thanks, Joy!