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broth bag!

Yeah, I started this bag a while ago…

A few years ago, I posted a recipe for vegetable broth. It wasn’t even based on my own. I used a cookbook as a guide and bought vegetables specifically to make broth.

Do you know how ridiculous that was? At some point since then, I ran across this idea for a broth bag.

What you do is save all the ends, peels, etc. when you cut up vegetables (avoiding starchy things like potatoes) and throw them in a big Ziploc bag that lives in your freezer.

Just add agua.

Lopped off the tops of some green onions in a jar and added them. Why not?

When this bag gets pretty full, you empty the contents into a big pot and fill it with enough water to cover all of the veggie scraps.

Let it simmer, uncovered, on the stove for at least an hour or more depending on how dark you want it to get. Then strain, and ta-da! You’ve got yourself some delicious, homemade broth.

veggie broth

How much you end up with just depends on the amount of scraps/water, of course.

And it was basically free since you probably would have tossed those scraps anyway, right?