I did not make this vegan confetti cupcake, but Capital City Bakery did.

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have any purpose other than to document my baking adventures. And that’s fine. Do I really need a niche? No. It was never my intention to attract brands and try to turn this thing into a living, which might be a healthy mindset to have when there are so many good blogs out there.

It makes sense, but I quickly learned that it’s easy to befriend other bloggers through blogging. It’s like having a virtual support group that provides encouragement through comments and social media. As a shy person who’s always felt more outgoing behind a screen, this satisfied a bit of the longing to interact with people, but from a safe distance.

Then I moved to Austin. I knew there were more food bloggers here, and that was both exciting and a little scary. After a few months, I joined the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, and my first opportunity to attend an event was a couple months later. I remember that I got dressed up and drove to Hopfields, but ended up at Central Market instead. Why? Socializing with a group of people when I don’t know anyone is actual worst nightmare material.

A lot has changed, though. I’ve met some really great friends through AFBA and so now the happy hours and other social events are something that I always look forward to. The only problem is that I like hanging out with bloggers more than blogging, but in order to keep hanging out with bloggers, I need to blog a certain amount. I mean, it’s a small price to pay, really. (Okay, I do see some of these friends outside of blogger events, I just don’t want to lose my AFBA membership.)

AFBA happy hour at G’raj Mahal in March. Photo from Linda

Anyway, I’ll be attempting to post a little more often and figured that today was a good day to say something because it’s the day that I created this blog four years ago.

So, hooray.

Note: “blog” occurs thirteen times throughout this post. Counted that for you.