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Momofuku Crack Pie

At a Momofuku Milk Bar visit a couple of summers ago, I didn’t try the famous Crack Pie. Some might consider this blasphemy, but I’ll always choose ice cream over everything. However, I had been wanting to make the pie lately, so Christmas seemed like a good opportunity. 

Since I don’t have the cookbook yet, I used the recipe posted by Bon Appétit. This slideshow of Christina Tosi making the pie for a class was very helpful not only for seeing how things should look, but also for instructions. I noticed that the Bon Appétit recipe said to whisk the filling by hand whereas Tosi said that it should be mixed at the lowest setting in a stand mixer because doing so by hand would aerate the filling too much. It pays to do your research. Yes, I’ll buy the book soon.

I read that Crack Pie tasted like a cross between a chess/buttermilk pie and a St. Louis gooey butter cake. That seems pretty accurate. It’s definitely sweet, gooey, and buttery, and the oatmeal cookie crust is a nice contrast; to me, it wouldn’t be as interesting with a regular pie crust. Overall, it wasn’t quite as life-changing as people make it out to be, though.

Would I make it again? Well, there are a lot of other Milk Bar recipes I’d like to try next, but yes, maybe eventually. This seemed like a good first recipe to go with!

Momofuku Crack Pie

My four-year-old niece picked out the plate and glass! Such good taste.