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Austin Bakes for Austin was today! Volunteers baked lots of goodies and sold them at five locations throughout the city to help raise funds for those affected by the recent floods in southeast Austin.

I spent the day on the east side at the Sugar Circus Bakery bake sale. The location wasn’t so ideal for foot traffic, but the folks at the bakery couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating. They even donated 20 percent of their own sales today!

Things picked up after noon, though it was still a lot less busy than at previous bake sales, I was told. However, everyone who did stop by was very generous because our location raised over $600!

Some of our tasty offerings:







As of right now, it looks like the total raised at the five bake sale locations and online was over $5,000. Thanks so much to all of the awesome bakers, volunteers, location hosts, organizers, and supporters!