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Preserving has always freaked me out even though everyone says it’s easy and there’s nothing to worry about. Does putting glass jars in boiling water on the stove make anyone else uneasy? What if I kill everyone because I didn’t properly can these tomatoes?

Aside from my paranoia, I know that the food prep isn’t difficult, or at least, it seems easy enough. I decided to make some jam yesterday and went with a “freezer jam” recipe. Of course I’m no expert on all the jam and jelly terms, but…this kind ends up in the freezer.


Of all things, I made persimmon jam. Before yesterday, I had only ever had one persimmon in my life, which was just a couple of years ago. I don’t even remember which kind – fuyu or hachiya – it was, but it definitely wasn’t an unripe hachiya. Apparently eating one of those is not a good time. It just tasted like sugar fruit to me. Not bad, but it didn’t have much of a flavor other than being sweet. This might be why I haven’t sought any out since then.

So why on earth did I make jam out of persimmons when I feel pretty meh about them? Because it’s fall and I wanted to give them a second chance. I like to make myself like all the things even if it involves a bit of effort.


The making of the jam wasn’t difficult at all, but preparing the persimmons (fuyu) was a little time-consuming. I’m going to guess that the easiest way to peel them would be to cut an X in the skin on the bottom and then blanch them, the same way you would with peaches or tomatoes. I just cut it off. Also, if you’re making something like this that calls for persimmon puree, don’t think too much about it. Just puree them. (I saw a recipe for persimmon jam that had a recipe for puree that basically involved cooking them like apples for applesauce.)

Since I only needed so much jam and had six persimmons, I reduced the recipe by a little over half. The only other ingredients called for were sugar, lemon juice, orange zest, and nutmeg. No pectin or anything.

jammin' toast

As expected, the jam tastes a bit orangey and sweet. I like it, but again, what exactly does a persimmon taste like? A persimmon, I guess?

The recipe: Freezer Persimmon Jam