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A center stage (ha), post-soundcheck

I left around 9:30am for Houston today, played some rehearsals and a concert, and got back to Austin at 1:30am. Technically it’s tomorrow and I should be sleeping, but as a NaBloPoMo trooper, I say it still counts if I haven’t gone to bed yet.

Whenever I play in Houston, it seems to be at a giant arena (the Toyota Center) because it’s for a big, touring act, usually Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Today it was Josh Groban, with whom we (the hired local-ish musicians) didn’t really interact at all, except for handshakes. I wouldn’t say that I’m into his style of music, but he’s a great performer with a show that’s pretty fun to play.

Because this is a food blog: they had a touring caterer with them, so it was very similar to the TSO experience. Didn’t take a picture of my plate, but one of the things I ate was potato “risotto” (their quotation marks), and I’m still not quite sure on the what or how.

Sorry for the lame-o post; I really should have just thrown in the towel for today, but NO.

Goodnight, 11/12/13.