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Le Deuxnut x 2

I’ll admit it: when I first heard of cronuts, I was certain that they had to be the best thing ever. Fried, donut-shaped croissant dough named so cleverly? Gimme.

But then cronuts became annoying (though maybe not as much as the ramen burger) and I felt like I was over it. I didn’t even bother to seek out any of the knock-offs that started cropping up around Austin this summer.

About a week ago, I began hearing good things about HEB‘s Le Deuxnut. (That spelling would make more sense with an ‘a’ in it, right?) A little skeptical of a knock-off cronut from a grocery store, I knew I’d give it a try because, well, I go there for groceries anyway. Kristin of Mad Betty posted a picture of a Deuxnut this morning declaring it to be “the winner” (compared to another local fauxnut), which prompted me to go a little out of the way for a couple while on the way to the gym.

grease spots are a good sign

Yes, a couple. Le Deuxnuts are filled with either apple or bavarian cream filling and I wanted to try both. Luckily they’re individually packaged, though you can also buy them in twos or fours of one flavor. A single one costs $1.68.

Let’s see a cross-section of the two, shall we?

cuddly cronuts

cream avalanche

First up, Bavarian Cream: Oh, I love this kind of filling, and good thing because there is a lot of it. Kind of messy to eat (watch out, mine squirted out the back), but the tastiness makes up for it. Speaking of messy, that ring of icing will most likely fall off when you take a bite. You don’t really need it, anyway.


Apple Cinnamon: This was basically like an apple turnover. The texture of the pastry was a lot more noticeable with this one. Just look at those layers. It was easier to eat, but the cinnamon sugar coating does stick to your fingers.

Overall I’d say I liked the cream one better, but preferred the texture of the apple. Split them both with a friend or be like me and save the second halves for yourself tomorrow.

deuxnut dissection

If you’re in Texas, Le Deuxnut should be available in most HEB bakeries, at least in major cities. Supposedly they’re only there on weekends, but I spied them at my HEB last Tuesday evening, so I don’t know. I guess everyone else is so over the cronut craze, too.

Fellow Austinites who want to cro’ local elsewhere can check out this roundup.

Disclaimer: HEB doesn’t know who I am. I bought these babies with my own $3.36.