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Beer Cheese Soup

Sometimes I come up with an idea that I think (key point) is clever and can’t resist going through with it. These ideas usually aren’t helpful in life, but are enough to keep me amused, and that’s all that matters.

Case in point: A few weeks ago, I posted the following on Instagram:

Do people ever eat cheese soup and tomato sandwiches? #deepthought

Well, today, this happened:

I know. You either hate me or want to marry me right now.

And yes, I made cheese soup JUST for this purpose. All in favor of marriage have just changed their minds.

A cold front blew in yesterday, so it at least made sense to make soup. Also, since this is Texas, we still have somewhat decent tomatoes at the grocery store. It was now or never, right?

I found this recipe for Beer Cheese Soup from The Kitchn and thought it sounded tasty enough. It wasn’t until making it that I realized just how much cheese it required: A POUND AND A HALF. If you want to have a heart attack, please make this soup. Add bacon while you’re at it.

It really is delicious, though.

mirepoix (+ garlic) cheese cleavage

I had two issues with this recipe:

1) After cooking the veggies in the stock, it says to strain the soup and throw the veggies out. If I’m about eat soup with that much cheese in it, I’d like to hold onto all available roughage, please. So instead, I blended them in with my immersion blender (and avoided dirtying another bowl and sieve). But that brings me to…

2) After dealing with the veggies, I added the cream cheese as directed and specks of it never fully blended in. If I didn’t have a food blog/wasn’t posting about this, I wouldn’t care. In fact, I ate it as-is last night and was just fine with it. Today I blended it again and it’s now a creamier, more beautiful soup. See what I do for you, dear reader? If I make this again, I’ll just wait to puree everything until the very end.


If YOU make this and can get your hands on a tomato this time of year, I highly recommend making a sandwich to go with your soup just so you can do this:

aww, yeah.

Cheese and tomato forever. <3

Going all-out nerd about it is totally up to you.

Nerd in action.