Tip Top!

Goody Goody Gum Drop Ice Cream: Bubblegum flavoured ice cream bursting with gum drop lollies. (New Zealand, April 2013)

If my blog were human, it would probably want this ice cream cone for its birthday today. Most likely, the ice cream would end up all over its face and then dropped on the ground once the sugar rush kicked in because that’s what three-year-olds do, right?

And if this blog were actually a toddler, Child Protective Services would have taken it long ago due to child neglect. I also wouldn’t be referring it to as an it.

It’s not a person, though. I’ve come to realize that it’s okay to not blog all the time, or, let’s be realistic, even some of the time. I haven’t given up and it will be here whenever the itch to overly document my baking adventures strikes.

Now then, since we’re all grownups here, how about a drink?

Tiny whisperer.

With Julie at a BlogHer Food 2013 mango party. Taken by Mary Helen at Swift’s Attic, photobombed by Forgiving Martha.