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Trailer Food Tuesday

Anyone who has ever been to Austin knows that there is a serious mobile food situation in this town. I couldn’t tell you how many food trucks or even food truck parks there are around here. This led to the creation of the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival a couple years ago, which I attended. There was supposed to be one this year, but I heard that there weren’t any weekends available (crazy Austin!), which is why Trailer Food Tuesdays was born. The main organizer of both events is Tiffany Harelik, author of the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook.

Since July, TFT has been taking place on the last Tuesday of each month, from 5-10pm at the Long Center. Tonight was both the last TFT of 2012 and my first time going. A handful of other bloggers were there as well: Julie, Suzanna, Rachelle, Natanya, and Katie! We didn’t actually know Katie beforehand, but noticed that she was taking an awful lot of photos of her food to not be a blogger. We (Julie) asked if she had a blog, and she said she did. Takes one to know one!

Onto the trailers…


Each Tuesday, the trucks vary a little bit. Today’s lineup included The Peached Tortilla, The Seedling Truck, Be More Pacific, Colibri Cuisine, Way South Philly, and The Best Wurst. Almost every one had a vegetarian option or two!


My first stop was Be More Pacific, which serves up Filipino-American fare. Their egg rolls (Lumpia) are filled with cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, and tofu and are then fried. They reminded me of a vegetarian version of the egg rolls a friend’s Filipino mother used to make. The wrapper was very light and crisp, though the rolls were pretty greasy, but I was fine with that. ($3)

White Chocolate Celery Root Soup

Try taking photos of beige soup in the dark. I dare you!

Next up, I decided that some “simple, seasonal, fresh” food from The Seedling Truck sounded like a good idea. Their vegetarian choice? White Chocolate Celery Root Soup. Yep! The flavor of the velvety soup was mild and earthy, but I couldn’t detect the chocolate. Maybe it added a slight bit of sweetness? It sure was amusing to say that I had a bowl of hot chocolate, though! ($4)

The Bruno

When Katie came back to the table with an incredible looking pizza from Little Big Mike’s, Julie and I were sold and decided to split one. These guys say that they have the best pan pizza in town, which is a pretty ballsy claim coming from a month-old trailer. We got exactly what Katie ordered: the Bruno. Topped with fresh arugula and oil-cured black olives, this little square pizza was full of flavor. But oh man, those edges! See how the cheese is all browned? That’s the good stuff right there. I’m going to have to try more pizza around town to see if their claim holds true! ($8)


It was a fun and tasty night, though a few of us were craving a dessert option. My hot chocolate didn’t really fill that void… There was a bar and The Seedling Truck offered beer pairings with their dishes, but I did not partake in any tasty beverages.

If you are in Austin and haven’t been, you should check out the next Trailer Food Tuesday whenever it starts back up again! It’s a great way to try food trucks that you might not have tried otherwise, and with a great view!

Austin skyline