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In SA finally unpacking from my Cleveland move 4 years ago and I live in Austin. #somuchfail

I think it’s safe to say that this is only 1/4 of the boxes.

Four years ago, I moved from Cleveland to San Antonio. One year ago, I moved from San Antonio to Austin. Several hours ago, I finally started unpacking boxes…from the Cleveland move. Oy!

Had the shed they were in burst into flames, it would have been a little upsetting, but not the end of the world. Obviously I’ve lived just fine without them. This means that in theory, I could just get rid of everything and be done with it. But have me go through the boxes and all of a sudden, there are all of these things that I need to have in my life again.

The worst? Schoolwork.

Eenie Meenie

Music History IV assignment: compose an indeterminate composition. You can guess my method…

What do people do with that? All of my papers and compositions were lost when my old computer crashed, but now I’m finding the physical copies. It’s not like I’ll actually read or play all of them again, it just feels wrong to throw away something you’ve created, you know? (Is this what it feels like to be a parent? Er, wait.) Scanning everything seems like it would be tedious and ridiculous. I don’t think I’ll have any issues with getting rid of the textbooks, though. Look out, Half Price Books!

Easiest stuff to purge? Kitchenware from college! bwahahaha.

Especially when there are live roaches in the box. Not. funny.

Any tips for getting rid of pack rat tendencies other than watching Hoarders? I think the biggest help for me lately has been a strong desire to travel. It’s much easier to move when you’re not being weighed down by possessions. Either I’m wising up or that came from a fortune cookie.

And here is what I had for lunch today:

Tacos potosinos = favorite thing to get here. #vegetarian

Tacos Potosinos at La Gloria in San Antonio