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Yesterday was the last day of the East Austin Studio Tour and I checked some of it out during the final hours.

mobile table

I actually didn’t even notice the wheels until editing this photo.

TARDIS console!

The only thing I knew to seek out was a TARDIS console! (nerd alert)


It’s also an “interactive sound sculpture” so each button, switch, knob, dial, etc. activated a different MIDI file. SO FUN.


Everything this screen printer had was so pretty! I’m hoping to buy all of my Christmas gifts from local people this year.

pomegranates and silos

All of the above photos are of Cobra Studios.

more art upstairs

rolly pollies!

These rolly pollies were totally functional! The paintings in this studio were my favorite from what I saw, but I’m terrible and don’t remember the artist(s).

take it to 11

Random awesome car is awesome.

Bolm studios

There were different studios in each garage. There were also many hipsters.


arty mirror

Acid wash mirrors? There were two of these and they were huge.

power of love

I didn’t see the title for this, but am guessing it’s The Power of Love. (hur)



And somebody had to do it…

yes...free mustache rides.

Only in Austin, folks.

These were all from only a handful of the hundreds of studios. Next year I need to get an earlier start!