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Austin goods

I don’t eat out very often mainly because I like to cook my own food and save money. However, I do really enjoy exploring the city with out-of-town friends and will often run into the problem of not being able to remember the various places I’d been wanting to take so-and-so while on the spot. For awhile, I’ve thought about keeping a list of these ideas on my blog, and have finally started one!

So far, most of the restaurants, bars, food trucks, etc. are in Austin since I live here, but there are also some in my hometown of San Antonio. Hopefully this will expand to other cities as well!

I’ve made it a page on my blog so it’s easy to find: just click on the Bucket List link in the menu above the header. Also, I’ll keep it updated as I cross off and add more places.

If you have suggestions (in any city), let me know! You never know where I’ll end up…