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Even though I’m on Pinterest, it looks like all I want is a drink. I still haven’t let myself get into it, aside from a recent search for Halloween and tattoo ideas. Normal things, right?

A couple months ago, I noticed that this blog was getting some traffic through Pinstrosity. (The blogger likes my Cake Poops.) That site’s spiel is to try out ideas found on Pinterest, and it’s pretty hilarious.

This is kind of like my version, but I’m trying something out from Apartment Therapy which I found through that site called Google. Most bread recipes make two loaves, but I usually halve them because one of our loaf pans is rusty and that weirds me out. Since that seems like a lame reason, I wanted to find out if there was a way to derustify it. 

How To Clean Rust Off Old Loaf Tins seemed easy enough and calls for natural things I have on hand: water, baking soda, oil…and a scourer.

The basic method is to rinse the pan in water, tap out the water, then thinly coat it in baking soda. Then after letting it sit for 30 minutes, scrub the rust from the pan, rinse and towel dry it, then lube it with oil to prevent further rusting.

My hand was a little heavy with the baking soda and washing dishes and a phone call meant it sat a little longer than 30 minutes, but those things shouldn’t matter too much. The end result doesn’t look too much different from how the pan started, so I’m not sure how well this worked. The baking soda did take on a rusty hue at least, so I guess that’s a good sign.


Anyone have more success with another method? What about that Bar Keeper’s Friend stuff? Coke? I’ll probably just go ahead and use this pan because it’s not going to kill me…right?