tree or veins?

Blogging is a funny thing, especially when you do it as a hobby. It’s just for fun, right? Then why do I feel guilty when I haven’t been able to muster up a real interest in Google+? (Don’t worry, I don’t feel that guilty about it.) “Maybe tomorrow” has become kind of a theme with a lot of items on my blogging to-do list.

And then as a food blogger, there is a tendency to feel like you’ve got to eat the most AHH-MAZING meals 24/7. Some bloggers may actually follow through with this, especially if that’s their job, but I have no problem eating PB&J or an Amy’s dinner here and there. You just won’t see any photographic evidence on instagram. Well, usually…

Not writing as often as I used to has been a pretty reliable source of guilt this year, but obviously I’m combatting that a bit this month with NaBloPoMo. Sure, it’s more work than I’m used to, but so far it’s been pretty satisfying pushing that blue Publish button every night.

Those things are all no bigs, though. What trumps them all is this: I have become a terrible blog reader. I want to be better about this, and hopefully writing about it will hold me to it. To those of you whose blogs I used to read and comment on regularly, I’m sorry for being so lame lately!

With all of that said, at the end of the day, it’s helpful to look at this:

Oh, space…