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Capital City Bakery

In the spirit of today’s big event, Capital City Bakery held a cupcake poll! This vegan bakery on wheels has been on my mental bucket list of places to try, so this was an excellent excuse to head on over there. Only doing my civic duty, right?

The polls were open from 11am-6pm and the cupcakes were available at the special price of $2 if you showed your “I voted!” sticker. I forgot to do this.


Here were the candicakes on the ballot:

  • Obamacakes: vanilla cake + blue vanilla frosting
  • Romneycakes: vanilla  cake + red vanilla frosting
  • Independent/Third Party: chocolate cake + minty green frosting
  • Anar-cakes: chocolate cake + chocolate frosting
  • Pumpkin: pumpkin cake + cream cheese frosting (wait…what?)

Big Decision 2012

So…which did I choose?

the great pumpkin

I would have gone for the Prez, but there were only a few left and pumpkin sounded like the tastiest option anyway. It really was tasty, too: so very moist and I wouldn’t have even known it was vegan (not that vegan = gross! au contraire…).

Now, what was the official result?

photo by Capital City Bakery

Not surprising, but guess which one was the runner-up?

The Anar-cakes! Awesome, Austin.

I will definitely be back to this fine trailer, and you should do the same if you can.

Capital City Bakery
1901 Rio Grande Street
Austin, TX 78705
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11pm-6pm

p.s. Congrats, Mr. President!