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Last weekend, my roommates and I had our second seemingly annual Halloween party. There was a Rocky Horror theme going on this time around since one of my roommates loves the movie. I hadn’t actually seen it until several months ago, and my other roommate had never watched it until at the party. Hosts for all stages of familiarity! There wasn’t a rule to dress up like the characters, though it was awesome that a few were able to. No beard for me this year…I brought back my green M&M costume.

Since this is a food blog, let’s get to the grub. We didn’t go quite as far out as last year, but there was still plenty to munch on. The two things I had to make again were sangria and the mozzarella eyes, which were both as easy and delicious as I remembered. Another easy thing that I decided to make were veggie pigs-in-a-blanket. Having never had veggie dogs, I assumed they probably wouldn’t taste great, but they were the first things to disappear. (In fact, last night I had to make them again to use up scraps of puff pastry dough. Couldn’t resist!) Other snacks included chips and salsa, red vines, two kinds of brownies, and pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Keeping with tradition, we had another costume contest this year with the raddest trophies up for grabs. My roommate (above) found some plain white trophies on clearance at Target and then proceeded to hot glue centipedes, soldiers, dinosaurs, and other random stuff all over them. Then she spray-painted them gold!

Overall, I think it was a successful shindig. Will we have one again next year? Until then, I see you shiver with antici…