I thought maybe if I came up with a clever name for last month’s silence, it would seem like it was a conscious choice, possibly benefitting some sort of cause. Er…no? Well, it wasn’t intentional, and ironically this blog got its highest number of monthly views yet, which is utterly puzzling. (Pro tip: write about Butterbeer.)

As of about 8 hours ago, I decided to do a 180 for this month by participating in NaBloPoMo. This means I have to post on ALL THE DAYS. Wah!

I know some overachievers bloggers who do this anyway, but the highest consistency at which I’ve ever posted was about three posts per week. At least this month I really have no excuse as I don’t have any (paying) gigs, so it will help provide some structure with all that free time.

Somebody please yell at me (that’s ALL CAPS) if I skip a day. Wait, no, I won’t. If all else fails, I’ll slap a picture up in here and call it a post, but it won’t be Wordless November.

Speaking of, here are some jack-o’-lanterns:

They are even food-related!

Anyone else doing NaBloPoMo? Or NaNoWriMo? Movember? (What is with this month?)