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Where in the world have I been?!

Aside from a bit of an absence from the blog (oops), I’ve been in upstate New York this month doing this again:


If you followed my adventures last summer, you may remember that I drove all the way from Texas like a nutter, but that I also spent some time working in Ohio afterward. This year it’s just New York, so I flew…and took two trains, a cab, and then got a ride to this place. Remote gig is remote!

Without the luxury of being able to overpack my trunk, I’m even more limited than last year in the unequipped dorm kitchen, but my little french press totally made its way up here. Bless that wonderful caffeinator. As you can imagine, I’m cooking super basic things that would bore you to tears and I definitely haven’t been baking. (Ironically, I made Butterbeer here a year ago which is now the most popular post by far, traffic-wise…)




So while I don’t have foodstuff to blog about, I’ve decided to start working on the blog To Do list. Probably the most obvious is the look of this place which may or may not change again soon. There are some other little things that still need some finishing, but we can’t be too productive now, can we?

By the way, these photos were taken a couple weeks ago while walking to go get quarters for laundry. :) I took them in this order, but the light changes due to the thickness (or lack) of the trees around me.


Nothing like a sunset to highlight a scratched lens…

Oh, look – a bunny!



Anyway, I just wanted to post something so you all didn’t think I fell off the face of the earth, or worse, gave up on the blog. Could have seemed tempting after the last post!

Hopefully I’ll be visiting friends in NYC next weekend, but either way, it’s back to Austin next week!