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Dutch Crunch Bread

Sara and Erica of Baking JDs were our March 2012 Daring Baker hostesses! Sara & Erica challenged us to make Dutch Crunch bread, a delicious sandwich bread with a unique, crunchy topping. Sara and Erica also challenged us to create a one of a kind sandwich with our bread!

fun with yeast

rice flour-based topping

Sara and Erica told us that they chose this challenge because they live in San Francisco where Dutch crunch bread (or Tijgerbrood/Tiger bread) is a popular item in bakeries and sandwich shops. For those of you like me  who hadn’t heard of this type of bread, it’s basically a soft loaf that is topped with a yeasty rice flour mixture right before going into the oven. While baking, the topping cracks and browns, giving it the tiger-like appearance. I think giraffe-like might be more precise.

that is definitely not icing.

Dutch Crunch Bread

I made sandwich rolls with the provided recipe for soft white bread. The dough hook for my Dad-hand-me-down mixer was misplaced at some point which left me with a wooden spoon and my hands. A little more time-consuming, but not bad because everything was easy otherwise.  The topping puffed up a lot while resting and I baked a little pancake with the small amount that was left over.


For the fillings, I thought of a tasty sandwich I occasionally order at a favorite cafe in San Antonio. It’s made up of dijon mustard on the bread slices, then layers of cream cheese, mashed avocado, sprouts, and tomatoes. Easy enough to recreate, except I nixed the sprouts.

I’m not gonna lie, this sandwich was not a pretty one to eat. The rolls are pretty sizable which makes things awkward, especially when the avocado is in escape mode. That said, I have acquired more avocados and tomatoes to make more! The crunchy top of the roll provides a great contrast to the soft bread and (mostly) creamy fillings.

Avocado Cream Cheese Sandwich

Thanks to Sara and Erica for providing such a great challenge! I actually completed it on the reveal date (5 days ago…), but it’s been taking me forever to post. I didn’t make any changes to their provided recipes, so go check them out in the challenge write-up!