avocado gelato @ Whole FoodsDelicious avocado gelato at WF…two years ago.

People of Austin: if you happen to see me at Whole Foods on a Saturday night, it’s not because I ran out of organic potatoes for that dinner party I’m hosting. Au contraire, with the exception of last weekend, there most likely is not a social gathering at my abode.  (Wait, do felines count?)  I am probably lonely and am using “grocery shopping” as an excuse to be around other human beings.  It also gives me the excuse to drive down 6th on a weekend night.  Wooo!  I’m one wild ‘n crazy gal.

Ironically, I should have been swimming in a sea of fellow bloggers (and delicious food) this weekend at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in SF, but am instead drowning in an ocean of regret.  Oh, the melodrama!  But really, I had been looking forward to this event ever since becoming a Featured Publisher over a year ago and the tweets are kind of killing me.  I won’t bore you with my last minute decision to stay, but it was the responsible thing to do.  I have learned from this lesson and next time will swiftly kick responsibility in the pants.

So much for the awesome day-by-day recaps I had been hoping to write.  I’ll bake something soon though, don’t worry.