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Mochi Brownies

Remember how I was complaining about my inability to cut brownies perfectly?

Well, guess what…


clean. edges. omg.

And I think I’ve also discovered the perfect utensil for cutting them.  A happy accident, really…while baking these brownies at my parents’ house, I happened upon it in their knife drawer.  

Watch out, brownies!

Umm, yikes.  It totally looks like it’s not for cutting brownies, but now I can’t see it for anything else.

These brownies are also my new favorite because the texture is awesome.  Yes, it’s a very mochi-meets-brownie experience in the best way possible: they’re super chocolaty, moist, and with a spongey chew.  Okay, that description could potentially sound terrible to some, but I assure you that they’re terribly delicious.

The best part is that since they’re made with Mochiko, aka sweet rice flour, they are gluten-free!!  I had been wanting to try these for so long, and a symphony concert was the perfect excuse because there’s a strong love of chocolate in the orchestra, and a few people have Celiac.  (Yes, they were a hit!)

I found this box at an awesome Asian market in San Antonio for less than $2!

It’s a very easy recipe with simple ingredients: chocolate, butter, mochiko, sugar, baking soda, salt, egg, vanilla, and evaporated milk.  Other than baking them for less time (25 minutes vs. 35 – 40), I didn’t change a thing, so I’m going to go ahead and direct you to the original recipe: Chocolate Mochi Brownies from justJENN Recipes

She has so many mochi recipes that I’ve been wanting to try, especially after this one!

They’re winners and are positively addictive, I promise.

Mochi Brownies