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You know what a flash mob is, right?  When seemingly random people spontaneously break out into song and/or dance in crowded public places?

SAS flashers/mobbers
(from Pearl FM’s facebook page)

Apparently a full orchestra can do this.

I had my doubts when called up Thursday afternoon about participating in one of these on Saturday morning in San Antonio.  We’ll have our instruments…won’t that seem obvious?  Are we memorizing the music?  Is it going to be super cheesy? (surprisingly not/no/cheese is good)

The group was made up of San Antonio Symphony members, students, teachers, and other area freelancers like me.  The plan was to run through the William Tell Overture a couple times at 9am at Trinity University.  After that we would all gradually head over to the popular farmers’ market at Pearl Brewery and were told to wander around ignoring each other.  At 11am, the english horn player would start playing her solo; we were beginning at the middle of the overture.

rehearsing outside Trinity (photo by Tara – full set)

Anyway, I don’t think any of us had any idea how successful it would be, but you can watch for yourself!

(here‘s a bigger version…and another version!)

Isn’t that little girl the greatest?  She’s the daughter of the conductor and didn’t actually know beforehand that this was happening.  The also cute littler boy is her brother.

I’m not sure if a flash mob has ever occurred in San Antonio(?), so hopefully there will be more.  It was a fun experience that I would totally be into doing again!  A few people that I talked to after didn’t seem to even know SA had a symphony.

By the way, I did buy something at the farmers’ market while walking around being a normal person: butternut squash!  Stay tuned…