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Picnik collage

Yep, I know it’s been fall for a week.  In south Texas, though, it will feel like summer for probably another month or so, but with shorter days.  After that, the weather gets really awkward.  Way back in the day, I remember checking the forecast every morning before going to school.  The temperatures could span 30 degrees in one day, so I needed to know whether or not to bring a hoodie.  (These are Important Matters.)  Then it’s like the heat becomes slightly dormant until March or April, when summer resumes its sweaty dictatorship.

Regardless of the endless summer here, tomorrow is October.  We’ll have peaches and tomatoes galore at least until November, but it feels awkward to blog about summery things while friends are starting to post pictures of snow (!) on facebook.

With a few hours of September left, I’ll share a couple yummy recipes I made this week that err a little more on the summer side.  

First up!

Corn Zucchini Lime Pizza Brown Rice

zucchinicornlimebean brown rice!

From the moment I saw this pizza, I’ve been wanting to make it.  I had bought one zucchini too many for Martian Cookies, so it was like fate, right?  But then I made croissants, ate too many, and ran the risk of replacing the Pillsbury dude. Instead, I roasted the veggies, added black beans, and then threw the mix over some brown rice that I had on hand.  On top went feta, cilantro, lime juice, and avocado!

However, in my rush to get out of the store, I seem to have grabbed parsley instead of cilantro and didn’t even realize it until I took a bite.  D’oh!

roasty toasty

It was tasty, but I still want to make that pizza because…umm, it’s pizza!

And for dessert breakfast…

Sticky Lemon Rolls

I’ve clearly gotten over my overdoughse (oh no.) to make these babies.  My sister texted me last night with yeast questions regarding these similar rolls by Joy the Baker.  Since I was going to see her in the morning, I got the crazy idea to make rolls at 10pm even though I needed to go to the store first.  No biggie.  I even made them with nothing but elbow grease. *flex*  By the way, I went with these sans-raspberry rolls because they seemed more overnight-rise-friendly (and I’d been wanting to make them for ages!).

They were super easy and soooo good!  I did make one change: since my sis isn’t a cream cheese fan, I made the icing from Joy’s recipe.  They were a hit with everyone who tried them!  (I think there might be two left…)

Both of these recipes have a source in common: Tracy of Shutterbean!  You may know her from the Joy the Baker Podcast, or maybe you’ve been reading her blog for awhile, too.  Anyway, this is only about 10% of the things she has posted that I would like to make, in addition to the ones I’ve made!  Hmm, this post quickly turned into a Shutterbean-fest…blame my belly.

Anyway, Fall?  I am ready for you.  Bring it!