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June 21 - Macro

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of the Zebra Bundt Cake.  The question most people ask is about how it’s made: Does it really get like that just by alternating batters?

Answer: Yes.  Proof:


You can tell I missed some photos here and there, but you get the idea.  Someday I need to make a time-lapse video because it would be the most awesome thing EVER.  Okay, maybe just to me.  

This is another, smaller zebra bundt that I made  in June – the same week that I churned out Moose Tracks Ice Cream, two batches of macarons, Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownies, and baklava with homemade phyllo dough…whew!  Mary of n00bcakes cast the winning bid on it in the online bake sale that Victoria the District Chocoholic hosted to benefit Jaryn of Cancer on the Ropes.  Yay!


A standard-sized bundt pan holds 12 cups of batter, and I used a 6 cup pan this time.  If you want to make a zebra bundt this size, all you need to do is use King Arthur Flour‘s recipe as is which is for a 9-inch regular cake pan.  They hold the same amount!  (I had increased their recipe by half for the original zebra bundt.)


Don’t you just want to punch it?

Obviously I wasn’t able to cut into this wee bundt because sending a cake minus a slice is NOT classy, kids.  But!  If you would like to have a look inside, Mary posted about this cake awhile ago.  Check it out!  There also may or may not be evidence revealing even further nerdiness.

(I totally meant to post this way back and am clinging to the mantra of “better late than never”.)