If you’re up on the news of food peoples, you probably know that Penny de los Santos is moving from Austin to New York, and the Amateur Gourmet is switching coasts.  Well, guess what?  I’m moving, too!  This little earthworm underneath the food blogger totem pole is making the g i a n t 75 mile move up I-35 to Austin.  How many people can say they’re moving north to Austin?  Okay, okay, technically a lot, actually.  But!  California hipster I am not.

This was a little lot more sudden than expected, so I’ve been in packing mode the last few days and felt the need to explain the lack of posts…again. Crazy summer, yeah?

delicious mess

I’m sorry there isn’t a recipe, but here is a picture of a delightful fried avocado taco from Torchy’s.  My Labor Day recipe to share would be for a cardboard box sundae topped with packing peanuts, which I’ll just leave to your imagination. Don’t drool too much now.