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Whew!  4,000+ miles later, my ever-trusty Corolla and I are back from my seven week work trip to New York and Ohio.  Yes, I decided to drive and think it was totally worth it in the end.  The more you know: Red Hook, NY seems MUCH further away than Cleveland, OH.  My bum can vouch for this 100%.

So what was I doing this trip besides not blogging very much (sorry…)?

June 28 - Transportation

Within the first few days, I managed to trip over my own feet and scrape up my knee pretty badly (I’m sparing you the nasty pic).  My camera also got a beating, so now it and my knee can bond with their scars.  <3

scar buddies

In more fun news, I picked blueberries for the first time, then went down to New York for a weekend to visit some friends from grad school!  We ate lots, baked cupcakes, walked around the city (a given), found scrumptious macarons, and saw a show at a jazz club.  Fun times!

red velvet fun!

Back at Bard while playing for a conductors’ institute, I met lots of new, completely normal musicians.

photo boothies

Some of us made fajitas and grilled corn one night, which was delish!  There was also lots of ice cream consumed over those four weeks because Holy Cow Ice Cream really lives up to its name, and it’s CHEAP.  If you’re ever in Red Hook, NY, you must go there.  They’re open year round!  My favorite combo: black raspberry ice cream with hot fudge.  YES.


Onto Cleveland!  The folks at my old job asked me to come back in 2009 and this summer to help out.  It’s a big piano competition that takes place every other summer (though the office is open year round), and it requires a lot of work during the actual event.

CIPC laureates

I spent more time at the office than anywhere else the first week (100 hours, anyone?).  Luckily we had a great staff!


I’m just happy that I got to wear my awesome mermaid dress again, but let’s face it: it’s all about the chic, blue staff lanyard.  Accessorize, people!

It was in Cleveland when I realized just how many old friends I was so fortunately getting to see during this trip!  I think the final count for the summer was about 20.  Twenty!  So yeah, major self-snappage occurred in the photo taking department.

Picnik collage

Of course I had to eat delicious food.  I hit up new places and old favorites in Cleveland and even stopped in Cincinnati to finally have Graeter’s for the first time not-out-of-a-pint with a friend.  Yum!!

Picnik collage

Oh yeah, and remember my friends’ super sweet bathroom in Cleveland?  Leslie taught me how to make lattes with her swanky espresso machine!  There was never a decaffeinated moment.


All the while, my sweet kitty was abandoned in Texas.  Okay, not really…my friends took great care of her!  Anyone who thinks cats don’t really care about their owners, though, meet Monkey:

Hello kitty

So anyway, that’s my update/wrap-up of the happenings over the last two months.  I’ll try to get back into the swing of things soon.

In the meantime, please send good apartment and job hunting vibes!  Wah!