One year ago today, I decided to bite the bullet and start a blog.  One year!  Here is my first post.  Aww.


Getting into this, I really didn’t think I’d stick with it, but it turns out that blogging can be pretty fun.  I’ve learned so much and have met (er, “met”) some really great fellow bloggers along the way!

Part of what has helped me stick with it is the fact that I like to try to make things that I wouldn’t usually have otherwise.  This feels like an adventure (bake me away, you guys…hur, hur), so it’s always an interesting challenge for me rather than a chore.  I’m also glad that I haven’t tried to post every day because that probably would have burned me out ages ago!

Anyway, I really appreciate all of the support I’ve received from you guys!  Here’s to aiming to stick with the blog for another year. :)

(p.s. I totally did not make that cupcake.  Still out of town!)