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blueberries in the Hudson Valley

Up until a couple weekends ago, I hadn’t ever even seen pre-picked blueberries.  However, it just so happens that my temporary summer location is 3.5 miles away from a pick-your-own farm, and the blueberries are currently in season!  So yes, I took a billion pictures to document the occasion.

When you arrive, there’s a little hut at which you pick up a plastic bucket for filling to your heart’s desire.

blueberry bucket!

Alright so blueberry bushes?  They’re way bigger than I thought they would be and there were so many of them!  The berries themselves were also the biggest I’d seen, which had pretty much only been the kind in pints at grocery stores.  (I haven’t seen them at farmers markets in Texas before maybe because it’s too hot?) 

I like big b..erries

Also, it was interesting to me that most bunches had ripe and unripe blueberries.  I would have assumed that they ripened all at once, at least those so close together.  The ripe ones came off very easily!

all ages

Red and yellow raspberries were also in season so you bet I hoofed it on over to their section of the farm!  Unfortunately, it looked like the bugs had really gone to town on these plants, but hooray for organic farms (!).  It was also hard to find berries that hadn’t rotted, so I just ate the two nice ones that I found.  Shh/yum!

in season
raspberry bush

Anyway, we spent a couple hours there and I thought I had picked a lot of blueberries until I saw my friends’ buckets.  To give you an idea, when we checked out, my bill was the cheapest at $4.80.  The highest was over $9 and they only charge $2 per pound!

freshly-picked by yours truly

Oh yeah, and for the record, these were WAY better than any blueberries I had ever had.  I was going to make a crumble, but forgot to get brown sugar and so have been eating them simply with plain yogurt and granola for breakfast.

in the blueberry bushes

If you ever find yourself in the Hudson Valley area, check this place out!

Greig Farm
223 Pitcher Lane
Red Hook, NY 12571-2124
(845) 758-1234
8 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week (May – October: see the picking schedule)

Greig Farm