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I’m living in a dorm room, my car has an extra 1900+ miles on it than last week, and I’m missing my kitty like crazy.

original idea for transportation

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I am currently not in Texas anymore, at least for the next several weeks.  I’m spending about a month in upstate New York playing in the orchestra for a conductor training program, then am going to Cleveland for a few weeks to help out at my old job there.

What does this mean for the blog then?  Funny, I’ve been asking myself that for weeks now!

Picnik collage

The dorm kitchen isn’t very well-equipped or conducive to make very much of anything.  However, I actually have a few unblogged baking things to write about, will still do the Wordless Wednesdays (new places to photograph!), and will probably do some travel/review posts.  Boom!


Next weekend I’m hoping to go down to New York City and visit some friends, so if anyone has some must-sees/dos for me, fire away!  I’ve been there several times over the past 10+ years, but come on…it’s huge!  Revisiting the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (and maybe the new shop if it’s open?) is definitely at the top of my list.  (I’ve been dreaming about the Salty Pimp and Bea Arthur…)  Oh and maybe I should go to Blue Bottle to try their New Orleans Iced Coffee for a comparison with their recipe that I made?  (side note: I’m hoping to NOT spend all the money I make from this work trip…)

Anyway, hi!  I’m still here.  I just won’t be complaining about the unbearable heat for a change.