Remember that online bake sale that I said would benefit Jaryn‘s plight to punch cancer in the face?  It’s really happening…like, now.  Just like how Jaryn will really be doing this soon, in memory of her father (photo from Victoria):


It’s an auction-type bake sale, so you can bid on any of the delicious goodies up for grabs, specifically: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, cranberry walnut bars, a few different fancy types of truffles, sweet and salty white chocolate blondies, marshmallow layer brownies, Basler Brunsli (chocolate almond cookies), goat cheese strawberry brownies…and guess what I’m making?

zebra bundts are cool

Yep, a zebra bundt cake!  This one will be medium-sized, as in I will bake it in my 6 cup bundt pan as opposed to a traditional 10 cup pan.  Cute and sassy.  Also, it will be ganache-less because that would just get gross and make a big mess on its way to its recipient.  Don’t worry, though…the cake is super moist and doesn’t need it.

Alright, so ready to start bidding on some goodies?  As she’s hosting this bake sale, Victoria has posted all of the deets along with photos of some of the treats that your belly could meet.  Two important points that I should mention: 1) the auction ends on Friday (June 17) at noon EDT and 2) we can only ship to US addresses (sorry! :().

Take THAT, cancer!!!