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Geez, remember that list I made back when I turned 29 with all of those crazy things I wanted to accomplish before turning 30?  Yeah, it sure looks like I don’t, but I promise that I do.  Good news is that I conquered one item relatively early on, and am still going strong with it:

9. Learn how to do a flip turn (and therefore get back into swimming).

Nope, I don’t have anything to prove this since my camera’s not waterproof and I wouldn’t be brave enough to ask the old folks at my pool to take a photo or video (eww, no videos!) anyway, but take my word for it: I go swimming at least 3 times a week and do loads of flip turns each time!  I inhaled a fair share of the pool while trying to teach myself, not that I still don’t.

Now I’ve crossed off another item:

24. Learn how to make crepes.


My friend Julie is known for her crepes, but I always seem to be out of town when she makes them.  (Hmm…!)  A few days ago, she joined Jill and me in the final year of the 20s and invited us over for a crepe lunch!  Yes, she wanted to cook for us on her birthday.  I went over a little early for the crepe-making but it turned out to just be the cooking part since the batter needs to rest for 2 hours.  That was fine because cooking them was what made me most nervous since my pancake flipping skills are pretty subpar. 


The crepe recipe she uses is by Julia Child and she found this yummy roasted garlic, tomato and pesto filling to go with them, which I helped make.  It smelled amazing!  After watching Julie make most of the crepes, I made a couple and they weren’t disasters!  Score.


The crepes and filling were so good!!  It was kind of like eating margherita pizza in rolled up crepe form, only better and less greasy.

For dessert, we had the rest of the marquise that I made!  Don’t worry, I whipped up a fresh batch of meringue, and the caramel didn’t seem to harm any of us.  They all said they liked it, but the marquise wasn’t as mousse-y since I guess I didn’t let it defrost for as long.  It was still good, though!


Some other list-related things that I’ve accomplished include trying quite a bit of coconut and goat cheese.  The coconut is going pretty well, but so far only one goat cheese experience has been positive…

So yeah, there are just less than 8 months left to tackle the rest of my list!  Consider this post a kick in the pants.