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I typically don’t go all out when I cook because most of the time, I’m just feeding myself.  On top of that, I like to make enough for a few days of leftovers, but not too much that I’ll get sick of it.  In other words, I’m a slacker at heart and a lot of what I eat isn’t blog-worthy.

But here I am, blogging about the boring (yet tasty) dinner I made last night.  Cuh-razy!

Often I’ll saute some veggies and call it a meal.  What you see here is onion, sweet potato, and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil.  (I’d read that coconut oil + sweet potatoes = a good idea.  It is.  Try it!)  Usually there’s a green thing in the mix, but I was craving bagels and chocolate during a post-pilates grocery store pit stop, so it’s enough of a feat that I made it to the produce section.  (and yes, I did buy bagels and chocolate.  mmm…)

Sometimes I like to top things off with a fried egg which elevates everything to super delicious and adds some protein, but I’m out of eggs.  Also, I could lie by telling you that I had a salad also, but…that would be a lie.  I don’t buy lettucy things very often because I can never eat them fast enough before going bad, but need to remember that I can buy some in bulk at my store!

So, there you have it…a bit of a slacker post, but now you know!  It’s probably a good thing that I have the Daring Kitchen to challenge me, both with cooking and baking.  Also, my need to try to entertain you by posting interesting things (those that are opposite to this) every now and then helps…so, thanks!

What are your everyday meals like?