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Black Forest Ice Cream Sandwich

My dad’s birthday was a few days ago.  If you recall, I made a black forest cake for him last year.  Even though it’s his favorite kind of cake, I didn’t want to make the same thing two years in a row because that thing was a ton of work that’s boooring!

Since ice cream is another Dad Favorite, I came up with the brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea of black forest ice cream sandwiches!  The plan was to make cherry ice cream and sandwich it between chocolate cookies brushed with a cherry/kirsch syrup.  Simple enough, right?

making ice cream
Cherry Ice Cream

A google search for cherry ice cream led me to 101 Cookbooks.  I always love Heidi’s recipes, plus her second one (there are two in the post) includes kirsch which is a standard in black forest cakes.  Perfect!  I used a 15 ounce can of cherries (NOT cherry pie filling) instead of 3/4 pound fresh cherries because I wanted the syrup for brushing the cookies.   Also, I subbed golden syrup for the honey because I had more of that.  The ice cream was delicious, but had only a mild cherry flavor, probably due to using canned cherries.  Next time I think I’ll add a little almond extract.

making cookies

For the cookie part, my mind instantly went to Smitten Kitchen‘s brownie roll-out cookies, which I had seen on Victoria’s blog a couple of times.  (Say “brownie” and I’m sold!)  Deb’s recipe involves rolling chilled dough, which is always an unruly task, especially for weaklings like myself.  Luckily for me, Victoria had a tip for this which she credits to Gail of One Tough Cookie NYC: place the unchilled dough between two pieces of parchment, roll it out, and then freeze it.  Once frozen, cut out the cookies, then bake as directed.  Pure genius and it works like a charm!  Nothing but easy cookie perfection.

brushin on the syrup

After the cookies were done and cooled a bit, I lightly poked holes on the bottoms, then brushed a cherry juice/kirsch mixture on them.  That night, I tried to make one sandwich, but as soon as I placed a scoop of ice cream on a cookie, it quickly began to slide off.  I then decided to assemble them the next day right before serving in order to give the ice cream more time to harden up.  Well, it was a little firmer and didn’t start sliding right away, but then the ice cream squished out from the sides as they were eaten. :(


I had one assembled in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap that I tried eating the next day, but even though the ice cream was much firmer, it was the same story.  I think I should have rolled the cookies much thinner, but was worried about how they would hold up.  Apparently they’re very sturdy!  Now I know.  Also, maybe a thicker egg-based ice cream would have been a better choice.  Guess I’ll need to keep experimenting… :)

I cut some mini hearts out of the extra cookie dough and topped them on the leftover cherry ice cream.  This in itself was a tasty success, so I wouldn’t call this experiment a total waste.  ;)

Cherry Ice Cream with Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Hmm…a week late, but this dessert has great potential for V-Day!

Cherry Ice Cream with Brownie Roll-Out Cookies

Have any of you ever made ice cream sandwiches?