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I have one final food-related post from my trip to Florida a few weeks ago.  As you recall, my friends and I sampled butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, then got our eat on raw and vegan-style at The Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine.

Fast forward to our last day in Orlando. :(


Katie found out that Babycakes (yes, the vegan, gluten-free bakery in NYC and LA) has a location in Downtown Disney!  I didn’t even know what Downtown Disney was, but soon found out it was a place made up of tons of shops and restaurants.  We were having the hardest time finding Babycakes, so when I saw a lady toting a pink bakery box, I asked her where it was.  It turns out that it’s in this place called Fresh A-Peel which is basically a mini food court with healthier options.  We had walked past it a few times…go figure!

case #1

Even though their shop was more like a kiosk, they had plenty of treats to choose from!  In the left case, there were donuts, quick breads, and bites (brownie and apple-cranberry).  I was thisclose to getting a donut, but was lured in by the other side.

case #2

The right was full of all sorts of cute cupcakes and some sandwich cookies.  I’ve always associated this bakery with cupcakes (babycakes, eh?), so I felt like that was what I needed to try.   As for flavors, I thought about getting strawberry or lemon, but then I saw banana with chocolate frosting.

It was decided.

banana muffin w/ chocolate frosting

I really am a tough critic when it comes to purchased baked goods (especially cupcakes) because I feel like no matter what, homemade always tastes better. This little vegan, gluten-free cupcake beat the pants off of any butter-laden, glutinous cupcake I’ve had from any other bakery.  It was moist with a perfect texture, and not too sweet.  The frosting is what really won me over, though.  It was so smooth and almost had a pleasant chew to it that I’m not quite sure how to describe.  Also, it didn’t equal the size of the cupcake.  I hate when places do that.  Next time I’m at a book store, I’m going to have to check out their cookbook some more!

I don’t think I’m going to go vegan or gluten-free, but this trip really opened my eyes to foods that fit both diets!  Have any of you been to Babycakes or tried any of their recipes?