green crayon candle ftw

So yesterday marked the last birthday of my twenties which makes me feel really freaking old.  To celebrate, Jill made some fantastic banana cupcakes with Nutella frosting.  WIN.

Banana Nutella Cupcakes by Jill!

Hello, new favorite flavor combo!  It’s physically impossible for me to eat just one.


Anyway, I’ve always felt like my list of I-have-nevers has been really long, so I was super inspired by Tracy‘s 31 comes before 32 post.  I really like that it’s a list of things that can be crossed off after accomplished rather than a list of resolutions, so I’ve been thinking about things I’d like to do.

Here are my 29 things to do before 30!

1. Go skydiving again. (ticket purchased!)

2. Make puff pastry!

3. Go to a food blogger thing. (Foodbuzz ticket purchased! …err, didn’t go. :( )

4. Move into my own place for once. – well, I moved to Austin…with roommates!

5. Go ziplining.

6. Host a dinner party!

7. Learn how to drive stick.

8. Make a sculpted cake.

9. Learn how to do a flip turn (and therefore get back into swimming).

10. Make pierogies.

11. Sing karaoke.

12. Make a t-shirt quilt out of my old orchestra tees.

13. Learn how to knit.

14. Take a photography class.

15. Make challah.

16. Try to like goat cheese, sushi, and coconut things.  Try each 10 times.
[ goat cheese: 10/10 | sushi: 0/10 | coconut: 10/10 ]

17. Buy (and learn how to play) a ukulele!

18. Take a trapeze class.

19. Read 6 classic novels that I haven’t read before.

20. Plan my next passport stamp.

21. Go to a local couchsurfing event.

22. Out of 10 of my cookbooks, make one recipe from each.  (I tend to mainly look online for recipes…) 4/10

23. Create a baking recipe completely of my own.

24. Learn how to make crepes.

25. Find some more ways to fund my existence/these things.

26. Update my About page. :P

27. Make tamales.

28. Relearn how to ride a bike. (Yes, I seriously forgot.)

29. Make gelato!

(okay, a couple of these are more like resolutions. :P)

As you can see, my list falls a little bit short.  This is partially due to indecision.  Any suggestions of what you think I should do and/or foodstuffs you would like to see me attempt to make? My list is complete! :)

I feel like posting this list on the interwebs will make me feel more obligated to actually do these things.