My life of doing nothing needs a break, so I’m going on vacation.  Actually, I’m meeting up with some friends in Orlando and we’re going to Disney World!  I’ve never been to either Disney park, so I’m excited about that, but even more so about hanging out with my lovely chums.

About doing nothing – I have been doing lots in the kitchen, but as you can see, there aren’t any blog posts to show for it.  Instead, I am sporting this giant carry-on full of macarons.  Yep, two more batches of the Diva Cookies (as Rachel and I refer to them) have been cranked out, leaving me a complete and utter slacker in all other things food-related (read: eating things that were either frozen and/or to go).  Just so you know, they’re not yet filled because I worried that that would make them even more fragile.

How I fly with macarons, apparently (two containers taped on top of each other):

I also did my did my Daring Baker duty, which took up quite a bit of time this week.  If you’re curious as to what this month’s challenge was, check back Thursday.   It’s fancy.

And dang, I just realized I forgot my headphones/earbuds/things that project soundstuffs into my ears.