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First off: these are NOT my macarons, though I wish they were!

(“What, you mean you don’t label your desserts that are on display in your bakery case in the kitchen?”)

la boîte macarons

They are the first macarons I’ve ever had and were at La Boîte Cafe, which is a food truck reused shipping container in Austin.  This was back in September, and I wasn’t even aware of the existence of macarons until a little over a year ago, thanks to the food blogging world.  You don’t really see macarons ’round here* is basically what I’m getting at, so when I found out about them, I was instantly intrigued.

* Okay, that’s not true.  I had a really terrible one here in SA at a certain place, but maybe they were just really old.  Their croissants are good at least.

fleur de sel, lavender, pistachio @ la boîte

So pretty, yummy, and what’s that – tricky to make?  Well, I must!

On Saturday I’m going to Florida and have promised my macaron-loving friend Katie that I’d be armed with some.  That’s a pretty ballsy commitment for someone who has never made any, but I finally gave them a go today!

Before getting started, I read Demystifying Macarons by Helene of Tartelette multiple times, which made me feel quite a bit more comfortable about the whole process.  Highly recommended if you’re feeling the urge to bust out a batch of these finicky babies.  She is the Master!

So…how did it go? 

foamy upside-down egg whites! grinding almonds/powdered sugar macaronage! drying out. (hi, car!) wrinkly parchment makes for gimpy macs.

Good news: My macarons got feet!!


Bad news: They didn’t want to leave the parchment/silpat! (I used one of each)

wahhhh D:

I was trying to figure out what the deal was with this.  Helene suggests adding few drops of water under the parchment and also baking them for a little longer, but no luck with either.  While trying to figure this out, I read in one place that it means they’re underbaked and in another that they’re overbaked.  Also, the ones on the parchment developed more pronounced feet, but it was harder to remove them than it was with the ones on the Silpat.

Macarons, v. 1.0

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially since I really wasn’t sure if I had combined the almond mixture with the egg whites enough or too much.  Probably the fact that I didn’t put any pressure on myself for these helped!  I just made the plain recipe for shells in Helene’s guide and filled them with ganache, which I didn’t make until I knew for sure I’d use it.

Macarons, v. 1.0

I haven’t had one yet with the ganache (I ate all the crumbled shells and they were fantastic!) because they’re “maturing” in the refrigerator.  Lordy, these are fancy oreos.

Macarons, v. 1.0

Those who have made macarons, have you experienced the sticking issue?  I’ll do some more research tomorrow (well, technically today :P), but right now I am POOPED!

Update: okay, macarons are my new favorite thing. *drooooool*

macaron nomming