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Horchata Hot Chocolate

I love to make things from scratch and do so whenever possible, but somehow found myself with a half-full container of store-bought horchata.  “Somehow” is kind of a strong word though as I actually purchased said container.

You see, Jill and I were going to watch Love Actually a few nights ago, and I am accustomed to drinking things that taste like Christmas while doing so.  Usually this is a seasonal beer like Great Lakes Christmas Ale (when in Cleves) or Shiner Cheer, but neither of us were quite ready for alcohol after Monday night’s Flip Cup shenanigans.


I went to get some apple cider from the store, but could only find a $5 gallon container of it, which was way too much cider and monies.  While in the hot drinks aisle, I spotted “Klass” horchata.  I don’t remember when I first heard of the sweet, cinnamony rice and milk drink, but had definitely never tried it before.  And for $1.50?   Yes, sir! 

horchata pouring horchata

Horchata can be served cold or hot, but when we tried it, I preferred the latter.  I think the stuff would be awesome in oatmeal, but of course my first adventure with it involves chocolate.  Traditionally, Mexican hot chocolate is cinnamon-spiced, so I figured horchata as the base for ordinary hot chocolate would be a nice spin.

double boiler melted chocolate whisking the horchata in ready!

This really is me just documenting a simple experiment that turned out tasty.  :P

Horchata Hot Chocolate (or Hot Horchocolata?)

I used semi-sweet chips since that is what I had on hand, but would recommend at least bittersweet, mayyybe even unsweetened chocolate.  This is good, but a little too sweet for my taste.  I drink coffee sans sugar to give you an idea of my sweetness threshold. ;)

1 cup horchata
3 heaping tablespoons chocolate chips or chunks (see above)

In a double boiler (metal bowl over a simmering water-filled saucepan), melt the chocolate chips over low heat while stirring.  Pour in the horchata and whisk until incorporated.  When heated through, pour in a mug.

I stirred mine with a cinnamon stick because why not??

Horchata Hot Chocolate

I’m thinking most stores in states that don’t border Mexico probably don’t carry horchata, but there are plenty of recipes online if you’re curious!  I’m sure they put the store-bought stuff in the dust.

Horchata Hot Chocolate

p.s. The title of this post is from Vampire Weekend.  (ooo, free download!  Merry Christmas!)