TSO from my seat

If you follow me on twitter, you’d know that I was playing with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra this past weekend. No, I wasn’t running around with an electric violin, though that would have been highly amusing (have I ever mentioned just how klutzy I am?). TSO hires local string players that play back on the left side of the stage for each of their shows on tour. There is a lot of fire on that stage, which can be kind of nerve-wracking while holding extremely expensive pieces of wood!

I’m the one closest to the center of the stage. (photo by the husband of one of the violinists)

This is my third year playing this gig, and there are seven of us that cover Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Usually there are two 2.5+ hour shows per day/city with no intermission, lots of waiting around, not to mention the driving (no tour bus for us!). It’s tough on your tushy!

The guy pointing at us introduced us as “[city] Strings” at each show, and we were supposed to point back at him after making circles with our bows. Silly! (photo by the same person)

It’s a fun, yet super cheesy gig, but one thing I always look forward to is the food. A catering company travels with them, and they really do treat the musicians and crew like rock stars. To make this post relevant, I did my food blogging duty and took photos of each plate that I ate.

Austin dinner SA dinner

Left: in Austin, I had a crabcake and sea scallop with some sort of whole grain mustard sauce. There were also scalloped potatoes, sauteed veggies, Greek salad, tomato mozzarella salad (caprese?), and ummm, more salad. :)

Right: this was the dinner I had in San Antonio. There was corn, broccoli, sweet potatoes with farro, baked potatoes with fixings, and fish (can’t remember which…redfish?) topped with stuffing. I was excited about the farro because I’d never had it before. It was good! By the way, we did have lunch here, but there weren’t a lot of veggie options.

Houston lunch Houston dinner

Left: for lunch in Houston, there was vegetarian goulash, which looked like it had meatballs in it. They weren’t meat, though…phew! Also, as you can see I also had tater tots and salad. Random meal is random.

Right: my Houston dinner consisted of trout that had some sort of fanciness going on (I think truffle oil?), stuffed squash, brussels sprouts (YUM), more salad and a roll. This was my favorite meal, and it also had some awesome desserts. There was a fruit tarte, chocolate dobos torte (which didn’t look like photos I’d seen of those), and a white cake with mango mousse (it had a name). I went for the mango, of course. The best thing was the hazelnut whipped cream next to the fruit platter. Wow.

Anyway, despite the good food and fun times, I’m glad life is back to normal. Speaking of, I finally cooked today and will post about it tomorrow!

And now I’mma catch up on my blog reading.