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view of downtown

I think most people associate music with Austin since it’s considered to be the live music capitol of the world.  It’s also quite the foodie scene with tons of local restaurants and cafes serving up pretty much every type of cuisine imaginable while appeasing meat-eaters to macrobiotics.  This environment has become a breeding ground for food trucks, which are absolutely booming right now.   To give you an idea of just how popular they are in Austin, here is a list of the food trucks here in San Antonio (population: ~1.3 million), and here is a list of those in Austin (population: ~800,000).

So far, I’ve hit up Hey Cupcake!, Torchy’s Tacos, Holy Cacao, La Boîte Cafe, Lulu B’s Vietnamese, and Gourdough’s (okay, so this was brought back to me).  Not bad for someone who doesn’t eat out much or live in Austin!


Anyway, yesterday the Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival took place, and you bet I went!  30 of Austin’s most popular food trucks were chosen to be set up in a big circle around Auditorium Shores, plus there was live music going on (of course!).  This is the first time this has ever taken place, so the place was a ZOO.  I’m not sure that they had any idea just how many people would show up, but the lines were all super long, and I know some of the trailers were having a hard time keeping up with the demand.  Still, it was a really cool event!

view of Auditorium Shores from the bridge

Perfect day for a foodie fest!

…and for waiting. :)

waiting in line...

My friends Jill and Tom also went, which made the wait much more bearable!  Jill and I split a couple samples.  The first was the Hot and Crunchy Avocado Cone from The Mighty Cone.  The “Hot and Crunchy” is evidently a breading made of sesame seeds, almonds, arbol chili flakes, sea salt, and corn flakes.  It was just like a piece of fried avocado drizzled in chipotle mayo and wrapped in a flour tortilla, and was really good!  I’d definitely get the full-sized version at their regular location.

Hot and Crunchy Avocado Cone

The only other line we ended up waiting in was for Conscious Cravings, a vegetarian truck that I was unaware of prior to this fest.  I was having a hard time deciding between their three samples, but since there were only two Spicy Chickpea Wraps left, that’s what I got!  The description said it was “sauteed with garlic, onions, tomatoes, spices and chimichurri sauce on a bed of lettuce”.  Boy, was it yummy, and I really want to try their other things now!  The other two samples were basically similar, but with tofu and seitan in place of the chickpeas.

Spicy Chickpea Wrap

and more people...

We were going to get in the mmmpanadas line, but it was just too long.  Since we were still hungry and not a short line was in sight, we decided to hit up an old non-trailer favorite of mine located uptown: Boomerang’s Pies!  This place makes hand-held meat and veggie Australian pies, and they’re super good.  I’ve now taken five different people there and have been just as many times, which means I’ve tried quite a few of their pies!  This time I got the spinach and mushroom pie, which is fresh spinach, mushrooms, red bell peppers, and monterrey jack in a creamy sauce.  NOM.  If you’re in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, or Oklahoma, you can find some of their pies at Whole Foods!

Spinach & Mushroom Pie
the inside...mmm

All in all, food + friends + Austin is always fun, so it was a good day! Now I’m hungry again…